Mohamed Amine Taji

    • Book Chapter

    Monitoring of the evolution of “barene” borders and the safeguard of the Venice Lagoon morphology: a contribution from the Coastal Change From Space Project results

    • Filippo D’Ascola, Anne-Laure Beck, Maria Luisa Cassese, Martin Jones, Nicola Lugeri, Valeria Pesarino, Andrea Salmeri, Mohamed Amine Taji

    Contained in: Monitoring of Mediterranean Coastal Areas: Problems and Measurement Techniques

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    Advances on coastal erosion assessment from satellite earth observations: exploring the use of Sentinel products along with very high resolution sensors

    • Paula Gomes da Silva, Anne-Laure Beck, Jara Martinez Sanchez, Raúl Medina Santanmaria, Martin Jones, Mohamed Amine Taji

    Contained in: Proceedings e report