Digital Preservation and Legal Deposit Policy

FUP carries out an ongoing activity of referencing, hosting and archiving its published books and chapters on different platforms, in order to assure a larger dissemination and a long-time preservation. We are committed to guaranteeing the permanent availability and preservation of scholarly research, and to ensuring accessibility by converting and upgrading digital file formats to comply with new technology standards. We work in partnership with organizations while at the same time maintaining our own digital archive.

  • FUP is a CLOCKSS publisher. Through its partner Casalini Libri, FUP utilizes CLOCKSS to create a distributed archiving system among participating publishers and libraries, and allows those publishers and libraries to create permanent archives of the books for preservation and restoration purposes. CLOCKSS is a not-for-profit dark archive which stores every FUP books. If a content is no longer available from any participating publisher or library (i.e. in cases of triggered content): then CLOCKSS releases the archived content as open access. CLOCKSS is a dark archive which assigns a Creative Commons license to all triggered digital content, and helps the greater global scholarly community by enabling permanent Open Access to abandoned and orphaned publications. As a result, recovered content becomes permanently available to anyone with Internet access.
  • FUP has subscribed to the Italian National legal deposition and long-term digital preservation service and it is currently carrying out tests with this new service.

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