Revenue Sources and Publication Charge Policy

FUP is a not-for-profit institutional publisher running a mixed business models for covering its costs. Costs are covered by the institutional support of the hosting institution (i.e. Florence University), print revenues and Book Page Charge (BPC). In our business model institutional support and print revenues lower the cost of Book Processing Charges typically covered by a funder or institution. 
FUP does not ask for submissions charges. However, to cover the costs of open access publishing, after the conclusion of the peer review process, FUP applies book processing charges (BPCs) for the monograph and edited volume published. Publishing charges are not related in any way to the editorial decision-making process.
FUP calculates the BPCs individually based on the manuscript and the requested services. When possible, we do not apply a Book Page Charge and we publish a book with an "embargo" period. After the embargo period of 18 months, the book is published in open access. 

The book processing charge (BPC) for a monograph (or edited book) of 90,000 words (230 pages), with an open access digital edition, several eBook formats and a paperback print copy, plus 100 free copies for authors/research institution, is 2,500 € (excluding any applicable VAT or local sales tax). 

Firenze University Press provides among others the following services:

FUP Scientific Cloud for Books:

  • Scientific evaluation process via FUP Editorial Board.
  • Management of the peer review process
  • Attribution of machine-readable metadata to maximize scientific dissemination and impact
  • Attribution of the actual metadata to authors, editors, book chapters authors, members of Scientific boards, referees, research institutions, funders
  • Support to authors for the use of new digital tools to increase distribution and awareness

Editorial and production

  • Support to authors and professional project management
  • Support in Creative Commons Licensing
  • Support in compliance to funding requirements
  • Publishing contract
  • DOI registration for books and chapters, ISBN registration for books and attribution of an ISSN to series
  • Professional typesetting and proofreading, technical copyediting, including reference formatting and image editing, cover design
  • Production of machine-readable eBook formats
  • Real time publication of several eBook formats and print copy
  • Free print copies for the author(s)
  • Additional Services May Contain: native proofreading, redrawing of images, advanced image editing, advanced editing 

Online distribution and marketing:

  • Product website and open access download on
  • Increase of access via indexing in open access full text databases
  • Increase of discoverability via abstracting and indexing database, library catalogues and discovery tools
  • SEO optimization of product website, indexing by Google and other search engines
  • Long-term archiving and preservation through CLOKSS and Italian National Library
  • Book usage metrics
  • Support to authors for national and international evaluation processes
  • Marketing and international distribution services
  • Inclusion in publisher’s catalogues and in other distributor’s catalogues
  • Storage and provision of metadata to retailers and partners
  • Product flyer and review copies

For more information, please contact the appropriate Editorial Office (See the Submissions Policy and Contact and Staff). 

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