Gianmarco De Angelis

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    • Edited Book

    Networks of bishops, networks of texts

    Manuscripts, legal cultures, tools of government in Carolingian Italy at the time of Lothar I

    Edited by   Gianmarco De Angelis, Francesco Veronese

    Copyright year: 2022

    • Monograph

    ┬źRaccogliere, pubblicare, illustrare carte┬╗. Editori ed edizioni di documenti medievali in Lombardia tra Otto e Novecento

    Gianmarco De Angelis

    Copyright year: 2017

    • Book Chapter

    Episcopal authority and networks in Carolingian times: recent approaches and perspectives

    • Gianmarco De Angelis, Francesco Veronese

    Contained in: Reti Medievali E-Book