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FUP is a non-profit publisher that offers to authors and scholars an open and inclusive editorial environment for the high-quality scientific publishing. FUP runs sustainable business models and adopts copyright policies making research contents more accessible. FUP encourages equitable participation and distribution of knowledge.

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FUP will gladly take publishing proposals into consideration. FUP publishes a wide range of research monographs, edited volumes, textbooks, critical editions of original works and scientific databases.
 Submissions Policy
FUP is a non-profit open publisher created, promoted, funded and supported by an Italian public university, the University of Florence.
FUP promotes an editorial activity inspired by the following values: i) the knowledge as a common good (Open Access and Open Science), ii) the peer review as a guarantee of quality, iii) the civic function of knowledge, iv) the sustainable development, v) gender equality and well-being of workers. FUP enhances the quality of the public debate by encouraging discussions on relevant issues for Italian and European public life.

A non-profit
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Business Models

FUP operates on the market with the only purpose of finding additional resources to achieve its public objectives and to ensure its economic sustainability.
FUP runs a mixed business model in order to cover operational and editorial costs. Institutional support and print revenues drastically reduce the cost of producing Open Access books, typically covered by a funder or a research institution.
 Revenue Sources and Publication Charge Policy
To make research contents more accessible and to encourage equitable participation and distribution of knowledge, all content and metadata are published in Open Access, and released under Creative Commons licenses stating the author as the main copyright holder. Authors retain copyright on the FUP published books, without the exclusive transfer of rights. All books and chapters are published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 by default.
 Open Access, Copyright and Licensing Policy

Copyright and Licenses

Peer review process

FUP considers peer review as the core of the book scientific evaluation. FUP constantly updates its database of reviewers by listing them on this website, in order to strengthen the network of all researchers involved in the evaluation process and to acknowledge their fundamental contribution to it.

Peer Review Process

Peer review is the pivot of the FUP evaluation chain. All publications are subjected to a peer review process, carried out by external referees under the commitment of the FUP Editorial Board and the Series Scientific Board. Published books are approved by the FUP Editorial Board, in compliance with high scientific and ethical standards, applied at all stages of publication and inspired by the best practice in scholarly publishing.
FUP enhances the intellectual work of its referees by regularly updating their data on its database and by posting a List of Referees on this website. This list includes the names of all the reviewers involved in the publication processes of books appeared in the last five years.
 List of Referees

Data-base and List of Referees


FUP pursues the best editorial practices by adopting innovative solutions that reward the discoverability, access and sharing of peer-reviewed research. DOIs attribution and book chapters publication are some of the new key tools used in the actual research and scholarly publishing landscapes.

Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing

FUP observes a set of best practices in scholarly publishing, inspired by the best international standards of the scientific communication. Furthermore, FUP ensures an open, transparent, and collaborative relationship with the research community. The editorial staff constantly supports and guides authors through each stage of the editorial process, from submission to the evaluation, publication, and dissemination phases.
FUP adopts a highly innovative publishing platform, through which it is possible to provide edited books with specific DOIs (Digital Object Identifier) for every single chapter. That allows to achieve greater dissemination and impact for each author and essay.

Book Chapters Publication

DOI Attribution for Books

FUP attributes DOIs to books and book chapters, and ISBN or ISSN numbers to books and series respectively, thus pursuing the best international standards in academic publishing. Plus, FUP encourages and supports authors and editors to provide an ORCID identification code.
Books and book chapters are currently published in multi-format and not-printed editions (for instance, PDF, epub, html, or xml). Emphasis is put on machine-readable formats, which are functional both to machine-learning processes and information retrieval (IR) systems, and to the dissemination process via indexes and aggregators.

Multi-format Editions

Reliable suppliers

FUP works with suppliers aligned with its values. Thanks to them, FUP ensures his authors reliability, stability, and quality of the editorial workflow. Among them: Agenzia italiana ISBN, BRT, Casalini Libri, Casalini Torrossa, CNR-Biblioteca Centrale, Crossref, DataCite, Ediser, Emmepromozione, Lettera meccanica, Libro Co. Italia, Gruppo Logo, Messaggerie Libri, Poste Italiane, Progettinrete, StreetLib.

Publication, Dissemination and Impact

FUP fully supports Open Access as an exceptional way to share ideas and knowledge in all disciplines. Open Access, dissemination trough international platforms and the updated release of statistics provide authors, researcher institutions and public funders to achieve a wide and rapid dissemination, as well as a high impact of research.

Open Access

FUP promotes Open Access to share knowledge in all disciplines with an open, collaborative and non-profit approach. Open Access books and book chapters allow the research community to achieve a wide and rapid dissemination in all book formats, as well as a high impact of research. All FUP content and metadata are published in Open Access, released under Creative Commons licenses which state authors as the main copyright holders.
 Open Access, Copyright and Licensing Policy
To increase discoverability, access and the sharing of peer-reviewed research, FUP promotes the indexing of both books and book chapters through international platforms selected for hosting, dissemination, discovery and preservation. FUP supports and invite research libraries, as well as profit and not-for-profit indexing services, to list its series, books and book chapters among their electronic resources. The print edition of books is promoted and distributed in Italy and abroad, in bookstores and libraries, and through a multi-channel network of distribution.
 Distributions, Indexing and Abstracting Policy

Dissemination and Preservation

Analytics and High-Quality Metadata

In order to improve the book scientific dissemination and impact, FUP performs a systematic and thorough attribution of machine-readable metadata and formats. For each book and book chapter published, FUP provides authors and funders with usage statistics (downloads and views) according to the international standard currently used in positioning and evaluation processes.
 FUP Scientific Cloud for Books