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  • Edited Book

Words and visions around/about Chinese transnational mobilities 流动

Edited by   Valentina Pedone, Miriam Castorina

Copyright year: 2023

  • Edited Book

Tracing Pathways 雲路

Interdisciplinary Studies on Modern and Contemporary East Asia

Edited by   Diego Cucinelli, Andrea Scibetta

Copyright year: 2020

  • Monograph

In the garden of the world

Italy to a young 19th century Chinese traveler

Miriam Castorina

Copyright year: 2020

  • Edited Book


selected papers in East Asian studies 軌跡

Edited by   Ikuko Sagiyama, Miriam Castorina

Copyright year: 2019

  • Edited Book

Transcending Borders

Selected papers in East Asian studies

Edited by   Valentina Pedone, Ikuko Sagiyama

Copyright year: 2016

  • Edited Book

Perspectives on East Asia

Edited by   Ikuko Sagiyama, Valentina Pedone

Copyright year: 2014

  • Monograph

The Heian Court Poetry as World Literature

From the Point of View of Early Italian Poetry

Edoardo Gerlini

Copyright year: 2014

  • Monograph

A Journey to the West. Observations on the Chinese Migration to Italy

Valentina Pedone

Copyright year: 2013

  • Monograph

Altri orientalismi

L'India a Firenze 1860-1900

Filipa Lowndes Vicente

Copyright year: 2012

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