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  • Monograph

Coarse-grained molecular dynamics and continuum models for the transport of protein molecules

Marco Bacci

Copyright year: 2014

  • Monograph

Structural and functional aspects of membranes

The involvement of lipid rafts in Alzheimer’s disease pathogenesis. The interplay between protein oligomers and plasma membrane physicochemical features in determining cytotoxicity

Elisa Evangelisti

Copyright year: 2013

  • Monograph

Sfingolipidi bioattivi e loro ruolo nell'azione biologica di fattori di crescita e citochine

Caterina Bernacchioni

Copyright year: 2012

  • Monograph

53rd National Meeting of the Italian Society of Biochemistryand Molecular Biology (SIB)andNational Meeting of Chemistry of Biological Systems – Italian Chemical Society (SCI - Section CSB)

Palazzo dei Congressi di Riccione (23rd - 26th September 2008)

Copyright year: 2008

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