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This series hosts publications in various formats under the banner of public engagement, fostering a dialogue with civil society to consolidate and spread academic education, critical knowledge and scientific knowledge.The series fully supports Open Access publishing as an ideal tool to share ideas and knowledge in every research field with an open, collaborative and non-profit approach. Open Access books allow the research community to achieve a high research impact as well as rapid dissemination in any editorial form.

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Books in this Series
  • Edited Book

Le tesi delle prime donne laureate a Firenze

Edited by   Floriana Tagliabue

Copyright year: 2022

  • Monograph

Pensose leggerezze

Luigi Dei

Copyright year: 2021

  • Edited Book

Ingegneri & Ingegneria a Firenze

In occasione dei 50 anni (dal 1970-71 al 2020-21) degli studi di Ingegneria presso l’Ateneo fiorentino

Edited by   Franco Angotti, Giovanni Frosali, Giuseppe Pelosi, Marco Pierini

Copyright year: 2021

  • Edited Book

Per un’altra Firenze

Voci sul futuro del nostro patrimonio

Edited by   Orazio Lovino, Sara Migaleddu, Giovanni Pescarmona

Copyright year: 2020

  • Digital

Florence RockinArt

Elena Pecchioni, Alba Patrizia Santo

Copyright year: 2020

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